Weekly Specials


|| French-Canadian Heritage Week ||

Crispy french fries topped with brown gravy and cheddar cheese curds. -$10

{Smoked Salmon Caesar}
Our house Caesar salad topped with a freshly smoked salmon filet. -$16

{Bourbon Glazed Venison Sausage Wrap}
Grilled venison sausage basted with a sweet bourbon glaze then
wrapped with roasted onions and peppers and Monterey jack cheese. -$12

{Canadian Bacon Burger}
Our hand pressed 8-ounce Certified Angus Beef burger flame broiled
to your liking then topped with Canadian bacon and cheddar cheese.
Served on a toasted Kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato, and red onion. -$12

{Ham & Beans}
Thick sliced ham with maple flavored baked beans. Served with fresh
baked brown bread. -$10

{The Porker}
BBQ pulled pork, sliced black forest ham, crispy bacon, and jalapeno
jack cheese on a toasted ciabatta roll. -$10


Split Pea Soup (Soupe Aux Pois Cassés)
With carrots, onion, and ham. -$6

Crispy French fries topped with brown gravy ad cheddar cheese curds. -$10

Meat Pie (Tourtiére)
Traditional French meat pie filled with a blend of ground beef and
pork, potatoes, onion, and spices. Served with a side vegetable. -$13

Ham & Beans (Jambon et Harcots)
Thick sliced smoked ham with maple flavored baked beans.
Served with freshly baked brown bread. -$13

Montreal Baked Fish (Poisson de Montreal)
Freshly baked haddock topped with sliced tomato, roasted green peppers, and cheddar cheese. -$17

Meatballs in Gravy (Ragout de Boulettes)
Ground pork meatballs served in a savory brown sauce. Served
with roasted red potatoes and vegetable of the day. -$13

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie (Tarte Aux Fraises) -$7